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People living meaningful, inclusive lives rooted in their community is at the heart of what we do. We believe that people should have access to planning and facilitation supports regardless of geography, economic status, or intersectionality of identity. 

The Planning and Facilitation Collaborative(PFC) is a national online community created for people who care about building capacity to offer quality, value-based future planning and facilitation supports to people with developmental disabilities and their families. In this virtual online space, professionals can network, share resources & information and learn from one another through conversations, educational opportunities, and special events. 


We are the Planning and Facilitation Collaborative!

The Planning and Facilitation Collaborative is a national and international collective of professionals focused on future planning and facilitation with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Our mission is to build capacity for people, their families, and the broader community to support a future where everyone’s gifts and contributions are valued. 

We do this by creating a space for planners and facilitators to connect and share ideas, find peer support, and have access to learning opportunities to support their work. We make each other stronger to support our vision of citizenship for people and a good life rooted in community; where people have choice and control and are supported to build the life they want. 

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Our vision is that with the support of planning and facilitation, people with a developmental disability will have full control over their lives, along with full belonging and inclusion.  


We believe planning can change lives. Planning can unlock doors and open minds about what is possible in the future. 


We believe that people and families benefit by working alongside planners and facilitators to create a vision and path for the future.


We believe that strong relationships and circles of support around a person and/or their family are foundational to building capacity to explore opportunities, develop innovative solutions and make values driven and goal-oriented choices.


We believe that people working in planning and facilitation are community builders at their core but may feel isolated and may have limited opportunities to connect with people who share their values. We strive to build a place where likeminded people can create a community together. Nationally and internationally.


We believe that people should have access to planning and facilitation supports regardless of geography, economic status, or intersectionality of identity. 


We are a group of planners and facilitators committed to growing the practise of planning and creating opportunities for learning and growth. 

With a commitment to support the growth and capacity of planners and facilitators nationally, Partners for Planning in partnership with Plan Lifetime Advocacy Network has launched the Planning & Facilitation Collaborative.


The Planning and Facilitation Collaborative (the PFC) is a space where professionals and aspiring professionals can gather together to share knowledge and experiences, while also continuing to develop their skills and expertise through a series of online courses, workshops and live-events on planning and facilitation.

The PFC is a community of practice, where you can connect with other facilitators who are on the same journey as you, join groups around specific topics, commit time and energy to a reflective practice and network!  

Our work here is meant to strengthen the work we do assisting people living with disabilities and their families to plan for and live out meaningful, inclusive lives rooted in their community.​

By joining the PFC Community as a facilitator or planner you will get access to:


Exclusive content – including courses, special events and workshops.

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Expert Advise -  By attending  workshops, courses, events, discussions and much more we will all grow together to deepen our ability to support planning for people with a disability. In addition, there will be opportunities to connect with experts and mentors. 


Powerful Community  - Your fellow members are as motivated as you are to grow their values and strengthen their planning and facilitation skills in the PFC. You will have access to a growing community who are committed to learning together.


Independent Facilitation is an ongoing process that supports an individual with a disability to develop a vision for their future and to take the steps necessary to work towards their dreams. 

It truly is a powerful tool for change!  


Facilitation involves a trained Facilitator working alongside a Person/Family over time.  It involves expanding personal networks, planning and connecting people in community.

To learn more about Independent Facilitation and connecting with a facilitator visit the P4P Planning Network

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